The connectivity of an efficient network is vital to a healthy business environment. The health and well being of network resources brings about business efficiencies and improved information usage to the absolute benefit of the bottom line. As networks become more complicated, the need to appropriately design, monitor and manage them also becomes more necessary and complicated. Dynamic Worx can assist your business/organization in one of many ways

Dynamic Worx can help optimize the performance, efficiency, and business value of IT physical infrastructure and keep it seamlessly aligned with the needs of your business/organization. We also assist in capacity planning, making a careful evaluation of vendors, products, and promises in order to assist you, to ensure the ease of managing your Data Infrastructure.
The installation of new equipment or troubleshooting problems on a current network requires experience and knowledge. Dynamic Worx can assist your company/organisation build a modern, solid and efficient local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), providing your company/organization with reliable and performant solutions to assist efficient operations and informed decision making. We do consulting and design, maintenance of existing networks, scalable network creation and administration for any size business. This includes terminal services, DNS, WINS, Exchange Server, Project Server, SharePoint, IIS and more. We also offer remote IT administration, backup and custom configuration services

Find out how we can assist your business today into leveraging the best tere is of network tools and solutions available to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

About Dynamic Worx

Dynamic Worx is an ambitious innovative company that is turning the ICT market on its head. We are a software and service provider focused on delivering specialist, cost-effective ICT hardware, software and services for small to medium businesses as well government.

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