At Dynamic Worx, we stand to be an extremely innovative ICt company, looking to be your one-stop shop in all ICT needs. Our line of services can be singled as follow:

  • Networking: We assist your business in investing in the right network infrastructure; From planning and design to the regular maintenance, we make sure the right tools are in place so your businesshas access to the best there is to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Server Solutions: A multitude of server solutions for ressource sharing.
  • Printing Solutions: Whether you are looking for small printing solutions or shared printers/copiers, we have the right one for you.
  • Web, Mail & Domains: We also assist business in making the most of what the internet and the world wide web has to offer. Building a strong image on the web.

About Dynamic Worx

Dynamic Worx is an ambitious innovative company that is turning the ICT market on its head. We are a software and service provider focused on delivering specialist, cost-effective ICT hardware, software and services for small to medium businesses as well government.

Contact Us

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E-mail: info@dynamicworx.co.za
Lilian Ngoyi & Francis Baard